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Embody the Brave

Our mission is both simple and very complex all in one. Equip and protect those on a daily basis who selflessly sacrifice and protect us on a daily basis.


From the very beginning of our company history, our founder Lance Roe has always kept one thing in mind; Embody the Brave. As a former Law Enforcement Officer, and current Deputy Coroner, Lance has always known the importance of safe, reliable and user-friendly emergency equipment.

Many of our employees and office staff are current and former Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Paramedics, and Military so this mentally thrives within the walls of our facility.


Our Journey So Far


LW Outfitters IS FOUNDED

The journey began in Lance's home garage. The need for Emergency outfitters at this time was dire; few people knew the ins and outs and the opportunity was seized.


LW Outfitters EXPANDS

As a result of an increase in traffic, LW Outfitters upgraded to an offsite, two bay garage. Business is heating up.

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